Goggles 4 U UK

In the same way that it was once unfathomable to shop for shoes or clothes in any other way than in person, the same revolution has quietly been taking place when it comes to buying eyeglasses.Once a lengthy, drawn-out process that would involve squinting at an eye test chart followed by trying on the couple dozen frames under stark lighting, before collecting your new glasses up to a week later – but often more.

I hated going to the opticians and hated weraing unfashionable glasses. Is it any wonder I switched to contact lenses as soon as I could? These days I wear them all day, but switch to specs in the evenings and at the weekend to give my eyes a break.

Now glasses have become so much cooler since I first started wearing them, with celebrities capitalising on the silver lining of poor vision with statement frames. Think comic genius Alan Carr, acting heavyweights like Bill Nighy and Gary Oldman, and royals such as the Duke of Cambridge and HRH the Queen. Even Becks has been papped in glasses. Some people wear them even though they don’t need to, a trend that would have left my schoolgirl-self bewildered. People who don’t even have eyesight problems wear glasses as a fashion statement.

On the internet, you can find a new wave of opticians such as Goggles 4 U as well as eyewear brands showcasing stylish frames at competitive prices. Without the overheads of a bricks-and-mortar store, Internet retailers can pass on the savings to customers without compromising on quality. Many are using AI to let you try the frames on virtually to make sure they’re perfect.

There’s no need to feel blindsided by the choice out there; I’ve scouted the nicest looking specs below, as well as companies offering the finest customer service and best UK delivery options.

From strong bookish frames to curved styles in block colour shades, here are the best places to buy glasses online.