Driving Lesson Plans

driving lesson diagrams

While everything in life seems to be going online, not everything is done best online. That is why ADI Ninja have driving instructor lesson plans in both hard copy and digital versions. You can access them via an app from the app store or google play or digital download if you want to use them on laptop. However using an ipad or tablet can be a little restrictive and many pupils actually prefer a physical diagram in front of them rather than a screen. The advantage of using a laminated driving lesson diagram is that it means you can use a whiteboard pen to draw on multiple scenarios which can be a little tricky when using an ipad! The diagrams are available in two main formats – wire bound and in a luxury pu leather 4 ring binder. The wire bound version comes either as manual or automatic vehicle versions.

Laminated driving lesson diagrams

The driving instructor lesson plans are simple to use with comprehensive information for the instructor on the left side of a two page spread, with a well produced diagram on the right hand side of the two pages. The lesson plans have been updated to include provision for the new 2022 highway Code rules and include pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists and motorbikes as vulnerable road users in the diagrams.

Hundreds of driving instructors are using these driving lesson resources on a daily basis and the vast majority of reviews are from happy driving instructors who give the diagrams 5 star reviews.