Getting Links from other Sites

Generally speaking links are good! On the whole there are three types:

One Way links – where the other site links to you

Reciprocal or Two Way links – where the other site links top you and you link back to them

Paid links

1. One Way links. These are good. Most people won’t offer you a one way link apart from Directories.

2. Reciprocal links. You are most likely to get people who are willing to link back to you if you also link to them. You will need to hace access to your site and knowledge of how to add links to be able to do this. If you are a Wanasite customer, we can set up a cms system on your site for a one off cost of £19.50 to enable you to add links on your site with no knowledge of coding on your part.

3. Paid links. Google frowns on paid links. The problem is that many websites buy links, and are succesful in search rankings as a result. many household name websites seem to buy links with impunity. If you’re going to go down this route however you need to understand there is a risk.

Normally link code is shown in one of two formats:


Title: Driving Lessons in Your Town
Description: Driving lessons in your town with a fully qualified ADI

(Note: the description can be omitted)


in html format which will look like:
<a href=””>Driving Lessons in Your Town</a> – Driving lessons in your town with a  fully qualified ADI

The result will look like this:

Driving Lessons in Your Town – Driving lessons in your town with a fully qualified ADI

“Anchor Text” is the text that is actually hyperlinked to your site. Find out more about what anchor text you should use.

How to Find Websites that might link to your Site

There are several ways to find suitable sites:

One way is to use the backlink checker here and enter your competitors’ website address in there – then you can see who links back to them. Those same people may be willing to link back to you.

A second option would be to simply type into Google something like “driving school directory” or “driving school links” or “driving school submit url” and find sites that are actively looking for people to link with them.

If possible its best to link with sites that are about a similar topic as your site – ie if yours is a driving school site you will be looking for sites about learning to drive, motoring in general or about the geographical area that you serve.