3 Useful SEO Tools

Searching for something over the internet is fairly easy, but the massive amount of results that appear before you are sometimes a bit frustrating. Search engines rely on the key words you type in to gather the broadest results available on the world wide web. It is not rare to have ridiculous findings or answers or even get fake websites make their way in that list. Luckily, technology advancement bring us SEO tools or Search Engine Optimization Tools, which can be of assistance to minimize such errors, thus making your internet experience efficient and less frustrating. Here are 3 of the Best (if not the very best) tools available to correspond to your specific needs.

Ranking Checker

This tops the list of available SEO tool there is on the market. Why you may ask? It is for the reason that this tool allows you to type up to five (5) keywords a day. Another selling point of this great SEO tool is that you are charged nothing for using it. Yes, it is FREE. Aside from being a wallet relief it is also very user-friendly. But you do have to sign up first to be able to use this. Opening an account is free of charge, easy and a breeze to get over with. After you get sign in to the website, choose “browser button” and this will help you automatically copy the URL page that you previously typed. It is really flexible and saves enormous amount of time. Ranking Checker is developed by SEOmoz.com

Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Console

Seems everyone has the urge to blog these days. If you feel like want to introduce your website or blogs to the public on a global scale, then this tool if perfect for you. It helps to introduce all your chosen data to the world by having an analytical program, which basically makes all your information available and ready for presentation when people around the world are typing the keywords that matched with your information. This is powered and developed by Google.com

PHP Dir Submit

This tool allows you to submit to web directories, article directories and social bookmark sites all in one place. Its unique and fast semi automatic directory submission engine uses cURL to submit your saved details to websites quickly and effectively. The end result is identical to manual submission. The benefit of this web based directory submission software is of course speed, but without compromising the quality and it can be accessed easily via the web.